Single Boardbag Twintip

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It's true; boards ding easily during transport. So protect your babies with a premium, heavy-duty bag that'll protect all your boards from those nasty travel dings. Now available in many sizes, our high-quality bags will protect your twintip and surfboard for years to come. Let's make travel safe again!

Twintip 140x43
Dimensions: approx. 152 x 54 x 3 cm /  60 x 21 x 1 in.
Maximum board size: approx. 140 x 43 cm / 4'7''x 17''
Capacity: 1 medium-sized twintip including accessories, mounted fins, pads and straps
Weight: ca. 1,16 kg / 2,56 lbs

Twintip 155x48
Dimensions: approx. 166 x 60 x 3 cm / 65 x 23 x 1 in
Maximum board size: approx. 155 x 48 cm / 5'1''x 19''
Capacity: 1 large light wind twintip including accessories, mounted fins, pads and straps
Weight: ca. 1,42 kg / 3,13 lbs

Optimal protection: Featuring 5mm PE foam padding and 10mm padding on the nose and tail of our surfboard bags. 
Robust zipper: Our extra-large zipper opening with non-slip, colored zipper pulls offers quick access.
Internal abrasion protection against sharp fins.
Spacious inside pocket for fins, tools, wax, and leashes.
Surfboard bags feature an extra padded expandible tail to make room for a board with fins attached.

420 HD Nylon: Our lightweight nylon features an extra-strong weave and unique finish to significantly improve tear-resistance and sensitivity to dirt over conventional polyester fabrics.
PE Foil Fabric: Light, waterproof, and cleanable inner lining.
#10 YKK Racquet Coil Zipper: Our extra strong spiral zipper is designed for heavy-duty applications where abrasion resistance is critical.
Polyester webbing: Our polyester belts are flexible and super tear-resistant.

Boardbag. Optional: Shoulder strap with non-slip, pre-curved shoulder pad.

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