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Update the CORE Store Locator

In case your store locator pin, address or any other information is not correct, send a mail to: 

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Please allow us two working days to update your entry, because it is not updated automatically. Thanks!


Support your local dealer! Or: why does CORE (as a manufacturer) host an online store?

As you might know, a big cornerstone of our company philosophy is service and support. That's why we prefer the personal face-to-face contact for sales and support questions. So for sure it is always better to have a kitesurf store around the corner, meet a real person and have a chat with a pro. That's why we have the great CORE Store Locator online, where everyone can easily explore our complete retailer and kiteschool map.

But though our network of retailers, agents and importers has grown over the past years, there are still some countries and areas where is no direct contact to get any CORE stuff or support. That's why we make it easy for everyone to check out our full catalogue of products, and in case you don't have a retailer, order your preferred item directly from us. Just to make sure, the next session can begin the day you want!