CARVED REVO Grabhandle

119,00 €

Revolutionary Grab Handle
CARVED’s REVO grab handle adjusts board rocker to better suit your current riding conditions. This never-been-done-before twintip handle is easy to use and incredibly effective.

Rip Upwind with a quick twist 
A quick turn of the handle activates REVO. Rocker is reduced 15mm, flattening the twintip and reducing its flex. This leads to a significant increase in planing and upwind performance.

On-the-fly Rocker Adjuster
When activated, REVO lengthens rail contact with the water, improving upwind tracking. You’ve made it far enough upwind? Then simply untwist REVO and return your Imperator to its original rocker. Grip is reduced and the Imperator returns to its original character. It’s like having two boards in one.

Revo optimized
Although we optimized our latest Imperator and CORE’s Fusion 5 for the REVO, it will work on all our twintips. REVO works best on boards with stronger rockers between the pads like the Imperator and Fusion. Expect massive performance boosts from REVO optimized boards on your first session out. So much so you’ll never go back to a traditional grab handle.*

For Carved twintips - grab handle and metric stainless steel mounting screws (TORX M6x20)
For CORE twintips - grab handle and metric stainless steel mounting screws (Phillips M6x18)

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*Please deactivate REVO after each use.

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