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The Spectrum gives the gift of perfect lift with balance and control, helping you explore the terrain and your abilities every session. Whether you want to ride in chop, waves or flat water, the predictable behavior, even in the most difficult conditions or turbulent sections, ensures you'll be soaring the playground further, faster and for longer.

Each Spectrum front wing has a medium aspect-ratio for the ideal balance of performance and control , resulting in beautifully fluid feeling. Winglets minimize drag while the painstakingly designed profiles throughout allow a sublimely quiet ride quality.

As you progress and further power up your performance with more demanding maneuvers, the stabilizer inspires confidence in its secure feeling. 

Blending valuable strength, stiffness and keeping weight to a minimum, the mast and fuselage have an impressive lightweight aluminium construction. Constructed with a multi-layer carbon laminate, the front and rear wings are not only light weight but also extremely durable. 

Paired with the CORE Roamer, you can find your perfect set-up between the flowing performance differences of each Spectrum front wing. 

Over 20 years CORE has earned a reputation for providing the highest standards of quality and performance in watersports products. Based at one of Europe's watersports hotspots – the island of Fehmarn in Germany – CORE finds perfect conditions to test and develop gear right on their doorstep, before products  are put through their final test in the hands of the international pro team at the most demanding spots in the world. A variety of exclusive materials and elaborate production processes ensure a special riding experience reserved only for CORE customers.

Front Wing: 950 - 1250 – 1550 - 1850 - 2150 sqcm                         
Stabilizer: 300 sqcm
Fuselage: 70 cm 
Mast: 60 - 70 - 80 - 90  cm

The Spectrum foil set is delivered with all necessary accessories (mast, frontwing, stabilizer, fuselage, mastbase and screws) as well as the required tools and can be combined with any US box rail system (90 mm).


CORE Wingfoil Foil Bag
CORE Mast Cover (matter mast size)
CORE Front Wing Cover (matter front wing size)
CORE Fuselage Cover
CORE Base Plate Cover
CORE Stabilizer Cover
CORE Tool Pouch Small

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