Ripper 5.1

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A Timeless Classic for Every Wave


Does the legendary Ripper 5 need an introduction? Probably not. With its shortboard outline complemented by elements of a fish shape and the progressive rocker, the Ripper 5 is ideal for every wave kiter and any wave from small waves to steep overhead breakers. 

Now built in EPS composite sandwich construction, the Ripper is your loyal and durable companion who will reliably support you in a wide variety of conditions. Its new top deck made of the light T10 PET has excellent stiffness and strength and is therefore extremely robust against impacts.

Sizes (Width | Thickness | Volume):

5’4’’: 18 1/2’’ | 2’’ | 22,6 L

5’8’’: 19’’ | 2 1/8’’ | 26 L

5’11’’: 19 5/16’’ | 2 3/16’’ | 29 L


The Ripper comes standard with a rear traction pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes.


  • EPS Composite Sandwich: light core material with high damping properties and good ding resistance
  • Top Deck from T10 PET Sandwich: copes with heavy landings and is very dent resistant
  • Level One Verified Ecoboard: More sustainable materials for a reduced carbon footprint
  • Shortboard Outline: Improves drive & stability in smaller waves
  • Mini Swallow Tail: Adds lift, speed, and grip in the corners
  • Progressive Rocker: 3-stage rocker with a fast, flat middle for speed in smaller waves
  • Tucked Under Rails: Extreme grip and control in turns
  • Single Concave: Improves grip
  • Strap-Ready: Your choice. Go strapless or add straps
  • Blunt Nose: Safer. Travels better
  • Thruster Fin Setup: Optimizes the balance between control and a loose, skatey feel
  • Original FCS II System: The world standard in fin systems


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Original FCS II Fins 

Bring your own or choose from four recommended FCS II thruster fin sets, which differ in terms of design and performance.

CORE Straps

Although the Ripper comes out of the box strapless, it’s designed for our optional CORE straps. 

Center and Front Traction Pads

Nice to have when riding strapless.

Surf Leash 6'0''

The leash in CORE yellow can easily be recognized under water if necessary and features TPU of extremely high quality which allowed a thin diameter to keep the resistance as low as possible. 

Single Boardbag

Protect your surfboard with a premium, heavy-duty CORE boardbag available in many sizes for years to come. 

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